Glaucoma eye surgeons worry about cuts in eye surgery licenses putting Californians at risk


PITTSBURGH, August 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Glaucoma is a leading cause of vision loss and blindness, affecting more than 3 million Americans and blinding more than 120,000 people. The American Glaucoma Society (AGS) is the world’s leading organization with more than 1,600 glaucoma subspecialists, surgeons, and researchers dedicated to improving the lives of people with glaucoma by advancing knowledge and care. through education and research. AGS stands with Safe Eyes America in strong opposition to California AB 2236 which is under consideration in the California Senate now.

AB 2236 dramatically reduces licensing requirements for the most commonly performed surgery for glaucoma, laser surgery. Laser surgery for glaucoma requires examination skills acquired by examining thousands of glaucoma patients and the use of laser requires great precision. Small fractions of a millimeter, errors in focusing or aiming can mean the difference between success, failure or a vision-threatening complication.

AB 2236 misleadingly adds “procedures” to an optometrist’s license, but make no mistake – this is surgery on a patient’s eye. Glaucoma is a serious and very complex disease, occurring in many different forms and affecting different patients in different ways. Determining when the operation and surgery is best for the patient requires the skill and judgment of a medical school graduate surgeon, followed by the extensive experience gained during internship and residency. in ophthalmology examining, diagnosing, treating and performing surgery, when necessary, on thousands of patients under the close supervision of experienced treating physician mentors. The additional three years of residency training in ophthalmic surgery after medical school and internship are irreplaceable without sacrificing patient safety. The AB 2236 short cut of optometry school and an additional surgical course that lasts days, not years, is simply not enough to train a competent and safe eye surgeon. The licensing change that AB 2236 would bring puts Californians at risk.

Jeannette Moffaa concerned patient and board member of Safe Eyes America, said, “Patients deserve and should have every protection possible. Lowering standards for surgical eye care is unacceptable.

The California The State Senate will make a final decision on AB 2236 any day now. There is no acceptable reason to put Californians at risk. Please contact your California State Senator NOW and urge them to Vote NO on AB 2236. To find your State Senator click on the following link: ( The California The Legislature adjourns for the year on August 31.

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