Hearn confirms Billy Joe Saunders is still hospitalized for eye surgery

Former WBO super middleweight champion, Billy Joe Saunders, remained hospitalized in Fort. Worth, Texas, on Sunday after sustaining a fractured orbital bone in his right eye from a punch from the 168lb Unified champion, Canelo Allvarez, Saturday night.

The undefeated former Briton retired to his stool after the eighth round Matchroom Boxing’s scheduled mega-fight to a record 73,000 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX.

Saunders left the ring almost immediately after the bout was stopped due to his swollen eye and shortly thereafter boarded an ambulance to the John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort. Worth it, about 20 minutes.

Saunders stayed there overnight and Athletic insider Mike Coppinger reported on Sunday morning that he saw the Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn and I got more of the situation with Saunders eye,

The medical definition of this surgery is a “zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture” or “quadripod fracture”.

“Quadripod” is described as,

“four components, three of which are directly related to the connections between the zygoma and the face, and the fourth being an orbital rash or complete fracture of the wall of the eye socket.” and can,
“Require surgery consisting of fracture reduction with miniplates, microplates and screws. “

This is probably what is done with Saunders’ injury, and it is believed that he will remain hospitalized at least on Sunday, if not longer.

Back on the fight and the stoppage of coach Mark Tibbs in the corner of Saunders. He explained the post-fight to the media,

“His eye socket was sunk and he couldn’t see. I didn’t get the answer I wanted from him. I didn’t get the answer I needed in the area and knew it was caved in. I’m not surprised I got the response I got.

“I had to shoot him… He never said, ‘No, that’s it.’ He left it to me. He took it well. He suffered. ”

Obviously it’s a serious injury, but as we wrote late Saturday night, others in Saunders’ position with far less prestige and money in the equation kept trying to fight, when he did not.

Again, no one is suggesting it wasn’t a significant injury and Alvarez would likely have ended things immediately to start the ninth round which never happened.

One thing is certain: Saunders will never have a frame, interest and money like he had on Saturday night at the Dallas Cowboys home, even if it ended with a broken eye.

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