Improve your vision with refractive eye surgery

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Today, many people choose to correct their refractive errors with techniques other than wearing glasses or contact lenses. Laser eye surgeries such as laser-assisted keratomileusis in situ, or LASIK, improve vision by constantly changing the shape of the cornea to redirect the way light is focused on the retina. However, in some cases, LASIK or other laser eye surgery that reshapes the cornea may not be the best option for the patient. In these cases, instead of reshaping the cornea, the natural lens of the eye can be removed and replaced with a intraocular lens (IOL) with a procedure called refractive lens exchange (RLE). IOLs are artificial lenses that are surgically implanted in the eye. These lenses help your eye regain its ability to focus and refraction. RLE can be used to correct moderate to high degrees of myopia (myopia) and hyperopia (hyperopia). In many cases, it is particularly useful in the treatment of presbyopia, the inability to concentrate at close range with age.

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