Isibaya Trust’s visionary work sees 50 children undergo corrective eye surgery

Isibaya Community Trust recently helped 50 vulnerable children undergo corrective eye surgery and related treatments.

Through the sponsorship of their service provider, Keratoconus Foundation SA, they facilitate desperately needed treatments such as corneal transplants, cross-linking and the provision of contact lenses to patients.

“It’s only right that we pause and think of those who have never known what it means to be able to see,” said Vivian Reddy, President of Sibaya Casino and Sibaya Community Trust.

He said that aside from the physical challenges, blindness also has a major impact on mental health, leading to social isolation, depression, loneliness, fear and anxiety.

“We are delighted that our sponsorship will also enable the foundation to provide training for UKZN clinicians, registrars and optometry students at McCord Provincial Hospital. Today, hundreds of people need corneal transplants. Many of them die while waiting for cornea donation and some are taken off the waiting list because they have become too ill for a transplant.

Reddy said he was also proud to be associated with the Cardiac Foundation of SA which has sponsored 40 children to undergo corrective heart surgery, while free cancer screening is carried out in conjunction with the non-profit organization Daughters of Africa.

“The Sibaya Community Trust has supported over 120 entities and spent nearly R250 million on community betterment projects ranging from health, education, infrastructure programs and more.

“Our trust plays an important role in being actively grounded in uplifting the community. We are determined and will continue to reach out to change as many lives as possible. »

Reddy thanked Professor Vanessa Moodley, founding trustee of Keratoconus, for bringing the project to the Sibaya Community Trust and thanked the Keratoconus team for the incredible work they do with the children.

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