Phillip Schofield posts health update after eye surgery


Phillip Schofield has posted a fan health update on social media after undergoing life-changing eye surgery.

In an Instagram post, the This Morning presenter posted a picture of himself and Professor Stanga, the retinal surgeon who carried out his operation.

Underneath the post, Phillip explained the surgical procedure.

Phillip Schofield underwent life-changing eye surgery (CoverImages)

The message began:FLOATS: Details as promised if you suffer from debilitating floaters. »

He explained that he had undergone “an elective limited pars plana vitrectomy surgery”, a procedure used to repair a retinal tear or detachment, also known as “floaters”.

Was the operation painful?

Phillip went on to tell fans that the procedure wasn’t painful and the “floaters” in the eyes could be fixed.

He said: “If you’ve been told “just live with them” that’s not necessarily true, I’m sure there are exceptions, but they can be fixed. A full vitrectomy will usually cause a cataract soon after, a limited vitrectomy will not.

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Furthermore, the presenter added that Professor Stanga and his team are leading professionals in their field in the UK in this procedure and other retinal treatments.

They use state-of-the-art equipment and offer rigorous preoperative consultation and postoperative follow-up.

Phillip Schofield at the ITV Palooza held at the Royal Festival Hall
Phillip Schofield suffered from eye floaters before his operation. (CoverImages)

Phil told his followers how the floaters affected his life.

He said: “These floats have literally ruined my otherwise brilliant view. For the first time in many years right now I’m looking at a clear blue sky, it’s changing my mood, my mind and my life.

Post-operative procedures

Phillip continued to tell his followers about the post-surgery procedures he will have to perform.

He wrote: “People who don’t have terrible floaters won’t understand what they’re doing to your head. So far, they really haven’t been taken seriously. I have a bloodshot eye that will last two weeks and an intense regimen of eye drops for a month – my the floats are 100 percent gone.

Phillip’s operation is not gifted

He ended the post by repeating that the operation was not good: “I have not been asked to post this, but I am happy to promote British medical innovation. Again, this is a pioneering and expensive procedure.

However, Phillip hopes to see the operation become less expensive over time.

He ended his message:Hope this answered the many questions I have been asked over the past 24 hours.

Over the weekend, Phillip had shared photos and videos of himself wearing an eye patch over one eye. This was part of post-operative care.

Also, when he got home from the hospital, Phillip posted a topless photo of himself on Instagram. In the photo, he was wearing his blindfold and joking, putting an eye gif on it.

Phillip Schofield smiling at the 2022 Tric Awards
Professor Spanga led Phillip Schofield’s operation (CoverImages)

What are eye floaters?

According to experts, eye floaters are spots in your vision.

They may look like black or gray spots or may be like ropes or cobwebs. Floaters appear when you move your eyes and disappear when you try to focus on them.

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Healthcare company, Optical Express offers advice on eye floaters on its website.

“If eye floaters significantly affect your vision and do not go away on their own, a surgical procedure called vitrectomy may be performed,” the company said.

“The procedure is an eye floater cure, replacing the gelatinous fluid in your eye with a saline solution. This can help eliminate any floaters you may have.

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