Salem optometrist sees increase in eye problems in children due to COVID-19



SALEM, Virginia (WFXR) – The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of children into virtual learning, putting a lot of strain on their eyes.

According to the American Optometric Association, one in four parents report their child has nearsightedness – also known as nearsightedness – a condition in which you can only clearly see objects up close.

An optometrist at Invision in Salem, Dr Scott Mann, says he’s seen an increase in the number of children needing glasses or eye care.

“What we are seeing more and more are symptoms of headaches and fatigue associated with using digital technology, and we have seen this increase over the past year,” said Dr Mann.

He added that blue light glasses, or filters, don’t help the situation. For some children, they add even more headaches and fatigue. Dr. Mann suggests that parents follow the 20-20-20 rule.

“Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look 20 feet away. The goal is to help the eyes relax and focus so that there is less eye strain and fatigue, ”said Dr. Mann.

Parents should have their children evaluated frequently by their eye care provider, Dr. Mann says. He also told WFXR News that Invision will try to see if there is a necessary prescription, find lenses and check the health of their eyes.

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