Unsuitable breast milk for eye treatment – Optometric association

Dr Alfred Gardemor, public relations manager (PRO) for the Ghana Optometric Association (GOA), said dropping breast milk on the eye is inappropriate for treating eye problems.

He said breast milk has its infection-fighting components, which is why breastfeeding a child is necessary in the early stages of a child’s growth.

However, it is not a cure for eye problems.

Dr Gardemor said this during the launch of “GNA-GOA: My Eye! My vision ! », A collaborative public education advocacy campaign between the Association and the Ghana News Agency to promote the need for people to access eye care and also to draw attention to eye health.

The initiative also seeks to engage the public and policy makers to focus on the vision as a health issue, which is an essential part of human well-being, but which is often overlooked.

Dr Gardemor, who is a doctor at the government hospital in Nsawam, said that breastfeeding helps fight infections, people have chosen to use it to fight eye infections.

He said dropping breast milk on the eye makes the problem worse because it
makes the bacteria on the eye bigger and stronger to fight off.

Dr Gardemor said the eye is a very sensitive organ and any problems should be reported to the eye clinic for solutions.

Meanwhile, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Dr Remi Ninkpe, who is GOA’s national president, urged Ghanaians to take their eye health seriously.

He said that although Ghanaians were afraid of losing their sight, most did not pay attention to their eye health, adding that “see an optometrist at least once a year to avoid losing their sight or having to pay expensive eye surgery to correct the visual impairment ”.

DSP Ninkpe explained that blindness affects both the economy and the individual.

“Let’s give every Ghanaian accurate information so that we can all make great healthcare decisions.

“If we are all well informed, we will be able to make better decisions and be more proactive when it comes to our eye health in particular, as well as our general well-being,” said Dr Ninkpe.

Mr. Albert Kofi Owusu, Managing Director of the Ghanaian News Agency, discussing the importance of collaboration for the GNA-GOA: My Eyes! My vision! Initiative said the agency was a very powerful institution as the country’s only press service.

Mr. Kofi Owusu said research by the National Media Commission found that around 80% of radio stations outside of Accra were heavily dependent on the GNA to operate. Therefore, partnering with the Agency for the advocacy campaign was commendable.

“What this means is that people need RNG because we are the common thread of communication in Ghana, just like Reuters, CNN and the BBC, we are very important,” Kofi Owusu noted. .

Rev. Emmanuel Kwesi Ofori, minister responsible for the Central Church of Assemblies of God, Tema Community Four, who chaired the event, called on the government to support the Ghana Optometric Association to improve its services in the country.

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